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We have a number of projects under way at the Educational Outreach. First, the BEI Educational Learning Center will be a 1,500 square foot observation and learning deck constructed directly above the fish tanks. Second, the new Tilapia Hatchery will be installed under the deck next to the fish tanks. And third, an interactive trough exhibit will allow visitors to understand how produce grows in the troughs.

The BEI Educational Learning Center is a 1,500 square foot observation deck which will host school and community tours to Kunia Country Farms. The deck, scheduled for completion on November 15, 2013, is situated above the tilapia tanks. Click on the picture or title above to view the most recent gallery.

The tilapia hatchery will house three breeding tanks with acrylic viewing portals, 2 six foot grow-out tanks for the frye to fingerling stage, and an eight foot exhibition tank for large adults. We currently have three varieties of tilapia in our system: Rocky Mountain White, Blue, and Koi-lapia. Click on the picture or title above to view the most recent gallery.

Interactive Troughs

We are in the planning stages of an interactive trough exhibit featuring touch and feel produce (off-system), and comparison

displays for other aquaponic and in-ground farming technologies. This section is under construction.

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